Alternatives to those late night munchies

As a full-time cheerleader, I need to stay in shape all the time. Being on Spring Break means lots of parties, witch then leads to late night outs. After a party I love to just lounge in my bedroom and chill out. No one likes to go to bed early on a school night right? Well weather you`re a cheerleader or just someone looking for alternatives to fatty snacks, this would certainly help out.

1) If you`re craving any sugary cereal, don`t do it! It`s full of disgusting calories and bunch of other things you wouldn`t want in you. Instead, try Puffed Brown Rice cereal or Shredded Wheat. If you feel as if that`s too bland, add in some chopped up fruit and almond milk.

2) If you want Chips (Doritos, Cheetos, Lays, ect.) try to replace those with either plain popcorn, whole wheat pretzels, or veggie chips. I have a big bag of whole wheat tortilla chips handy in my pantry. Anytime I want a little snack, I grab that and dip it in some guacamole.

3) This one is one of the hardest for many people. We all love Gummi Bears, Twizlers, and Mike & Ikes but those little sweets are so harmful to our health. Instead, try some fresh berries with mint leaves served with honey or agave syrup. If you wouldn`t like that, you can simply eat the Fruity Snacks by Kellogg`s. It has 0g Fat and it is 100% Vitamin C. AT cheer practice, I always have a pack in my bag. They`re yummy!

4) Being a cheerleader, everyone tells me to drink a lot of energy drinks and fruit drinks but in the reality, energy drinks and "fruit" juices are just as harmful as chugging down a 2 liter bottle of Coca-Cola! It was reported back in 2009 that 96% of energy drinks contain hidden drugs. Yup ... DRUGS! If you were to drink a Monster Energy Drink (Or any in particular) and took a drug test right after, it`ll come out positive. As for fruit drinks, they`re never 100% fruit! Capri Sun is suppose to be 100% natural fruit but if you read the boxes, it only contains 20% juice. What`s the other 80%? Toxins and chemicals. ugh! I rather stick with water or Vitamin water! I find water disgusting at times so I`m always sure to add a little slice of cucumber or and orange or even lemon zest. It adds a little spice to it.

I hope all of you guys reading this can consider this. Of course I wouldn`t expect anyone to do all of this over night but trying new things is good. I`m going to be honest here, I don`t even do all of this! I drink soda once in a while and I love McDonalds! Guilty as charged! I`m not perfect but I definitely do try to get all of this accomplished. I hope all of you guys enjoyed this.

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