Alphabet Chicken Noodle Soup

5 years ago

Being a college student I try my best to make sure that I get the best deals on groceries and stretch my dollar. The other day I went to my local Ralph`s store and they had a special on their chickens. My sister spotted that the whole chickens were only $4 each, however, she didn`t know how to butcher a chicken so she didn`t want to get it and ended up getting the pack of chicken breast for $2 more. Luckily, I know how to butcher a chicken, as my parents said that knowing how too is very beneficial in life which I have to say it is true in this case, so I got two of them.

When I got home I butchered the chicken into pieces and bagged them to proportions and froze them. With the bones, I saved and decided to make a stock with it as well as, use the meat that was still on the bone, and make a chicken noodle soup.

To make the stock I got a big pot and put in the chicken bones and necks, 2 carrots, a celery stock, half a white onion, and then water to the top of the pot. I simply let the water boil for about an hour and half. I then drained the chicken broth into another pot and took the chicken and pulled whatever meat was on it and putted it a side. I then chopped the other half of the white onion, a carrot, and a celery. I then added all of the stuff into the pot along with my alphabet noodles and the chicken shreds. I let it all come back to a boil and then added salt and pepper to taste. Oh, I also added in a little bit of Italian herbs for added flavors. Once the alphabet is cooked it is ready to enjoy! Hopefully you guys enjoy!!

***Picture is my OWN!! Sorry for the POOR quality, it was taken on my phone.***

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