Almay Wake-Up Makeup- hot or not??

4 years ago

Here I have pictured my Almay Wake-Up Makeup. I`ve heard so many mixed reviews on this product and now it`s time to share with you all my two cents!

I`ve gotta say, I really tried to like this product. I really did. But, after so many times of using it and glancing in the mirror to see how it looked on my face, I just couldn`t. I`m telling you, I really, really tried!

I guess it`s hard to not like something that you paid a good $13 for. In the world of drugstore makeup, $13 is very expensive! I was intrigued by the claim that it could "wake you up" and a little boost was what I needed in the morning (during the school year I have to wake up at 6 am to get to my bus on time... ugh).

You could say that it`s true that the product does wake you up. I wasn`t sure what to expect but it definitely wasn`t what I got. When you apply it, it feels cold and has the feeling of actually putting a liquid foundation on your face. It`s very hard to describe! The feeling only lasts for the second that you put it on your face, but it`s still noticeable. I like that-- it was unique, at least!

Some people complain about this product that it applies to streaky. I didn`t have a problem with that. Some people say it didn`t give enough coverage. I didn`t have a problem with that either-- the coverage is build-able if you just work with it. No, the main problem that I had with this foundation was the GLITTER.

There are SPARKLES in the powder. Actually sparkles! Not a pearly finish or anything, but full on shimmer all over the face. It isn`t too noticeable if you`re indoors, but I was SOOOO EMBARRASSED when I was hanging out with my friends outside in the sun, and they were laughing saying, "Mia, your face is sparking! You`re a freaking diamond!" How terrible!

Not a fun experience. Not fun at all.

Yeah, I guess Almay just couldn`t see the difference between giving the skin a subtle glow and packing on the shimmer. Such a shame-- it would have been a fantastic product, but now I can`t wear it without thinking about if people will notice the glitter on my skin.

So the answer to the big question: Hot or not? NOT.

This wasn`t meant to be a rant (LOL) but I needed to let you know my experience before you spend $13 on a product you think is going to be great. I recommend you skip over this foundation and try the Maybelline Fit Me foundation-- I love it!

Thanks for reading, guys! Let me know what you think of this in the comments, or just tell me about your own favorite foundations!

Here`s an idea... follow me? I know the idea might seem crazy right now, but, you know. You might just learn to love me. Or not. That`s okay too.

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Thanks, beauties!

And, as always, happy shopping!

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