All you Can Eat Buffets: Effective Tactics for an Awesome Experience

4 years ago

Do you love Buffet-type restaurant? I do! I`m petite but I do eat a lot. Good thing I have this fast metabolism that I do not get fat so easily. Since college, eating has been my form of relax and a great way to socialize with my family or close close friends. Of course, since "too much" is always bad, I made sure to do some cleansing diet a day after the feast.

If you are like me, this post is for you! I`m here to share with you some tips or personal strategies/techniques I use to make your Eat-All-You-Can experience more enjoyable and worth the money.

1. To compliment the expansion of the stomach and overall fitness of the body, you will need to make sure that your metabolism peaks during the time you will be consuming your meal. It would be advisable to take part in large amount of cardio exercise (jogging, swimming, etc). This should be done several hours before as youll want some time for your body to rest. The metabolism peaks during the time you will be consuming your meal.
2. Do not drink a lot of water or carbonated fluids while eating. This may cause your stomach to bloat and gives you a full stomach feeling. You may drink water hours before.
3. Start with soups. It relaxes the stomach.
4. Do small servings for each food type. Try to alternate tastes between plates, this will keep your taste buds stimulated and awake.
5. If you feel exhausted, try eating small slices of cake or any sweets. Or a scoop of icecream maybe.
6. Take time to rest. Do not rush in taking in all the food in just one sitting. Enjoy and relax.
7. Wear comfortable clothes. Loose fitting ones are the best.
If you have more suggestions, feel free to comment!

(Image is mine, Taken @Campanile Hotel Paris France)

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