All-Stars Wings amp Ribs Restaurant Review

5 years ago

All-stars wings.
Today was my boyfriend`s cousin`s birthday and he wanted some all-stars wings for dinner. Flavors shown from top right to left, then bottom left to right are:Texan Honey, Hot Hawaiian Honey, Black Widow, Caesar Does Texas, & Cleopatra.

It seems like All-stars is the place to go if you want to have wings. For $60 you can get 100 wings with 4 different flavors, if you want more, it`s an additional $2/flavor up to 6. Although they have a wide variety of various flavors I feel like my experiences are always a hit & miss. Whether is be dinning in, or taking out, on occasions, they will serve you the best wings ever, on others, all the flavors are very bland. The restaurant`s inconsistency is also seen in the services as well. The waitresses are very bias and tend to always cater to people they know first. On days where there is a major sports game on, you can wait up to 1hr for a table because friends & families of the waitresses have priority, or so it seems. Even on slow days, tables are waiting for their waitresses for over 15minutes just to place their orders and ask for a glass of water. On other days, the service is impeccable and the waitresses are on their ball game. I have been eating at All-stars for over 7 years and it really is a hit & miss experience. I think it`s time for me to move on and find a place that my friends and I can go for wings without having to guess whether the food will be exceptional or not. The food and service is not what it used to be. I have never bothered to try their ribs, and have yet to do so, i`m kind of not interested. Recently, the restaurant has implemented Wings Mondays where you can get 15 wings for $10. This is a great way to try all the funky and random flavors they offer. My most recent odd one was Hot Chocolate, which i thought was gross but my boyfriend liked it, then again i`m way more picky then he ever will be. Unless you call me out for Wings Mondays, ill pass on All-Stars and grab some breaded wings from Pizza Pizza.

Is there an All-Stars near you? If so, what do you guys thing of their food & services?

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