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5 years ago

I`m always on the hunt for organic and natural foods when I go to the grocery store. If I figure that if I`m going to be spending money on food, I might as well spend it on food that`s better for me than the stuff that`s full of preservatives and chemicals. So while browsing through the organic and natural section at my grocery store, I went down the gluten-free aisle (yes, that`s right, a whole aisle of gluten-free foods, lol!) and found these cookies! Yes, please! :)

These are Annie`s Gluten-Free Chocolate and Vanilla Cookies that are all-natural. Annie`s is a great brand that does lots of organic and natural stuff. These little cookies are so cute because they`re actually in the shape of bunnies! Gah, the adorableness! :D The second picture shows what they look like. And they taste great! Just like a regular vanilla or chocolate cookie would.

I keep these as a little snack to munch on if I get hungry in the afternoon or when I come home from class. My roommates are generally lousy eaters, lol, because they eat things like chips, cookies, gushers, and "fake" foods all the time, but I`m very proud of my natural and organic foods (I even found organic poptarts! Hell yeah!). I just firmly believe that if I`m going to put food in my body, it should be free of as many unnatural things as possible. So I feel pretty good reaching for a snack like this instead of potato chips like my roommates do.

Annie`s is definitely a brand worth checking out if you ever see it in your grocery store! The only downside is that the food is generally a bit more expensive, but it`s completely worth it in my opinion. I mean, you can`t go wrong with cute little bunny cookies like these!

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