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4 years ago

Have you ever really calculated how many hours you spend using mobile devices such as your Ipod, Iphone, Ipad or Ipad? Recently I have noticed quite the increase in my mobile device usuage AKA my Ipod Touch. Not only is my Ipod touch addicting but it`s holding my "life" hostage! From the second I wake up, I reach over and check my Ipod Touch. First it`s my emails, onto the Youtube account, followed by Instagram, Weather, Twitter, Text Plus, the incredibly lame facebook app and finally BofA app. The sad part is really is that I do NOT even have games on my ipod touch! All I do is see what friends are up to, look up videos, shop online, stalk some friends! I don`t have one single game unless you count Emoji Free as a game. Don`t get me wrong, I love mobile devices, They`re very convienent but JEEEZ I need my life back. You know, the life where I sat on the couch and watched Spongebob :P

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