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4 years ago

Hello to all!

Today I show you a product that I love it! It`s All Around corrector Catrice Concealer, which Wells bought in hypermarkets Continent.

At a cost of about 4.50, and LOVE! It has great quality / price ratio and replaced any other broker could still exist in my collection!

Keep reading to see photos and my opinion about this great product!
All Around The Concealer aprensenta five different shades:
 - Light Beige;
 - Medium Beige;
 - Dark Beige;
 - Rosa;
 - And Green.

In terms of "packaging", something very simple! It is a hard plastic case, easy to open, and the like because it is relatively transparent and tough.
All tones are very creamy, easy to use and with an average coverage, which I like because it is not heavy on the face, both for those uses, as for the beholder. They have to be careful because if they have a pimple or something they want to cover more salient, this broker, having an average coverage, this imperfection does not cover completely, but it helps to neutralize slightly.

Sometimes, the correction can be very heavy and, in most cases, in the course of hours of use is with oily and unnatural. Around the Concealer All this does not happen - continues with a natural appearance throughout the day!
However, I think the summer will be a little trickier to use this product due to its very soft and creamy texture, you can "melt" easily, and do not want that on our skin, is it? However, for now I have not had any problems with this product, use it throughout the day and get a great look!

For different colors, each is intended to be a "function" in our skin and other imperfections - the tones are beige to cover imperfections, depending on skin tone that we have. In the case of color correction, pink serves to neutralize the dark circles, green and serves to counteract reddening of the skin. In my case, and it helps me a lot because I always have very red cheeks, and I noticed a big difference since I started applying this product!

Do not be surprised to see the green corrector and think "What a horror, I will not get a green product on my skin and be like alien!", None of that! When you try, you`ll see that by placing the product on your skin, spread it, it will actually counteract the redness, almost getting in your skin tone. However, what I do after applying all the correction needed is to use a small drop of base and pass through the areas where I used the brokers, so that the skin is uniform with a tone!

You see, it helps in skin tones but the major imperfections like pimples on my cheeks, still noted slightly. But I tell you that I prefer that than having a broker I cover everything 100% and that after one hour I am with the oily skin type and cement, with a horrible effect.


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