All About my Nails! Length,Shape,Strength,Care Routine FAQ and more

Hello loves! I get a lot of questions on my nail care routine, how do I grow or maintain them long and strong, what do I do with my cuticles and so on :) That`s how I decided to make a video and post a blog article about this topic.
You can check out the video or the blog post if you`d like to find out more :) -
Okay so let`s see... when it comes to my nails I can say that I am quite lucky. As I mentioned earlier I don`t exactly have a routine but yet if you have been watching my videos (or read the posts in which I shared my nail designs) then you probably know that my kitty claws are usually pretty long. I also am lucky when it comes to my skin, weight or hair, but these stories are for another time :).

FAQ: Are my nails natural or fake?
Having length and a design on gets people confused, I suppose. To answer the question, yes these are my natural nails.

FAQ: Do/Did I take any supplements for them to grow?
No. And I never will. I believe that those things are just a big fat lie.

FAQ: Care routine?
None. I do my nails once a week. I remove my nail polish, I file them a little bit, do something about my cuticles if I have to, apply nail polish again and top coat and that`s all...

I kept rocking the almond and then stiletto shapes for the past months. To achieve these shapes I file my nails in a diagonal way - from where they start growing out towards the middle. I am quite horrible at explaining, but maybe you can get a better idea from the video - I did film that part :)

I don`t think this interests many people but I believe that your manicure will look much better if your cuticles don`t stand out. I used to cut them, but now I just use cuticle oils and push them back (because I got lazy). While experts advise us not to cut our cuticles, moth methods work just as fine for me.

So a lot of people ask me how do I grow my nails because theirs break and can`t seem to do anything about it...
If you struggle with this as well, then try filing them instead of cutting. I noticed that when I cut my nails not only do they break like crazy in the process, but they also tend to break more afterwards... where as if I file then they feel really hard/strong. My nails nearly never break anymore :)

Do I watch out for certain ingredients?
Nope. I know how acetone-free nailpolish remover is supposed to be better. I also heard that nail polishes that have certain ingredients (Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate - or DBP -, Toluene) should be avoided but frankly if I like something, I will buy it.

For more details, feel free to check out the blog post :)


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