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4 years ago

So i personally had braces for about a couple months now and i have to have them on for about 2 years. So first I`m going to tell you about how you get them on.
Okay so when you first get them on , a week before they take a mold of your teeth(for before and after effect purposes) and then after that you go back and the day you get your braces they make you brush you teeth then lay on the seat. So when you lay down they glue the bracets on with cement. The actual getting braces don`t hurt but afterwards they hurt so bad you cant eat for a week, so i advice you to take advil or some type of pain reliever.
Once they put the bracets on, they put the wire in and then you`re done! and about ever 4-6 weeks you go back to the orthdontist and they tighten them for you and change your colors (if you have any).
Things to remember:
1)ALWAYS floss because you will get swollen gums if you do not.
2) Blush Atleast twice a day.
3) Don`t use whitening toothpase with braces because they might rust your wire.
4) Use wax( your orthodontsit should give you some) if your wires start poking you.

Hope this helped!

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