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4 years ago

Hi again!
The time to talk about of one of my all time favorite movie ever has arrived.
This is one only beaten by The Back Of The Future trilogy!
Written and directed by James Cameron this is by far in my opinion the best movie in effects, acting and story.
Following the events of Alien(the first movie of the sequel) Ripley(Sigourney Weaver) was a sleep for seventy years and drifting in space, the ship arrives to Earth, she was confronted with the past events and nobody believed in her. Meanwhile a crew of terraformers that were in the planet where the past events took place, have lost communication with Earth, they suspected that something happened and send a military crew with Ripley to investigate.
When they arrive everything is abandoned and destroyed in some points, the militaries enter the facilities and notice that something strange happened in there. Has they go along, the nightmare that they were into starts to unfold.
I`m not going to tell more because if you haven`t seen it yet i don`t want to spoil it for you.
This movie is awesome and just like the first, all the aliens are real and not some crap made in computers, amazingly real even for the present time. Great cast with Michael Biehn, Paul Reiser, Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton. Frightening, with deep suspense and scary as hell, this movie is EPIC and it`s a must see!
To watch it i recommend to watch the first movie of the sequel.
I strongly recommend it but be aware that it`s rated R.

Have you seen this masterpiece?
What do you think?

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