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5 years ago

Hi everyone!
My girlfriend never watched the Alien sequel and with the prequel almoust out(Prometheus) she was curious and we decided to watch it(for my 1000 time).
The Alien sequel is another one of my all time best movies ever, specially because in the time they were made they used real dummies instead of every other movie made in the XXI century which are all made with CGI and special effects that tare not credible to the real thing, sounding like fake and not that scary aliens. This movie is from 1979 and it`s unbelievable how it is so actual after all these years!
In the future a cargo spaceship with passengers in Hyper sleep are woken up and they notice a strange signal coming from a near by planet. They decided to land and investigate what was that signal about. As time goes by they understand that the signal was a warning and not an SOS. In the planet they discover hundreds of eggs that are ready to hatch. The rest is history, this movie is a must see and is directed by Ridley Scott with the acting of Sigourney Weaver as main character! This was the jump off to Sigourney as an actress.
This movie is not suitable for minors, it`s really intense futuristic and scary. It`s the beginning of a legendary sequel and is one of my all time favorites!
I strongly recommend it!

Have you seen this masterpiece?
What do you think?

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