*ALERT* New Favorite Nailpolish!

Oh My Goodness! So I know it kind of sounds cliche for someone to say they have a new favorite nailpolish the day after they bought it but in this case (my case) it is so true! I have been wanting a rainbow glitter nailpolish for who know how long and when i saw "Rainbow In the S-Kylie" by OPI I knew i wanted it. I just got it last night and I am in love. This polish although has its upsides and it`s downsides! Upsides: It`s a conversation started I mean who wouldn`t want to talk about your nails that have a bajillion colored sparkles on them? :) A major downside is if you want your entire nail colored well let me put this short you might want to clear your schedule! This literally took me the longest to apply you cant just swipe it on you MUST dab on otherwise every other swipe you make pulls off the last glitters. All in all if you are a patient gal or maybe lad :P you should definitely check this out.

QUESTION: would you guys like if i put up weekly(or more) nail posts?

DUPES:Muppet Collection by opi: Rainbow Connection and Milani Gems which i actually think is cheaper if you can find it.

Source link: http://www.swatchandlearn.com/opi-rainbow-connection-dupes-comparison-swatches-brush-reviews/

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