Aldo Lace Up Heels

5 years ago

You know there are some shoes I love, but they are a pain to wear for a few reasons, yet they look pretty darn sexy. Well this pair of lace up heels I got from Aldo about probably let`s say 7 years ago lol. They`re leather with a 3.75 inch heel and satin/polyester material like laces. They are sexy shoes and they arch in a way that will show off the calf muscles when you are wearing them, however if you do not lace them up tight to the point that you feel like you are losing circulation in your legs the laces will not stay up high. Sure it looked so good on the mannequin leg in the store but that`s because the mannequin leg doesn`t flex muscles or have any type of movement lol. I love these for the warmer weather, but I think I might need to use some of that flash tape women use to secure the straps of their tops to secure the laces in place lol.

Do any of you own shoes like this that lace up and have a hard time staying up?
You like the shot of my legs ;) haha j/j They are so pasty like they`ve never seen the sun before, but that`s how I like it say no to skin cancer and tanning lol.

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