Alcatraz Prison Hotel - The Luxury Prison

5 years ago

You might know the prison Alcatraz, a prison from which prisionars always wanted to escape ( well, don`t they all?!) and was even inspiration for movies and now even for hotels!
This is the Alacatraz Hotel and is located in Germany in a abandoned prison that was recovered to accommodate guests in a more luxurious way but they kept a lot of the old things that the prison had and kept the style of living on a prision but the difference is that you can get in and out when you want or just stay inside your cell drinking some champagne. Doesn`t really sound like prison right?!

If you want to stay on one of the 57 cells/rooms they have you can expect to pay up to 45 and hopefully you will experience a little bit of what is jail like, at least that is what the owners wanted when they created the hotel, but with all the fancy drinks and food i don`t know if it would be exacly the same lol but it is a pretty cool hotel and the concept is unique, at least i never seen a prison hotel before.

<strong>What do you think of the Alcatraz Prison Hotel? Would you like to stay on this hotel?</strong>

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