Alcatraz - Watched the 1st Episode

5 years ago

I have heard/read about the tv show Alcatraz for some time now but never got around to watch it. I read about it and the story behind it seemed interesting and 2 days ago while passing by some channels i noticed a promo for Alcatraz and that the show was going to premier here yesterday at night, so I set up my dvr to record and watched it.

I can see now why the show is popular, its a great show and full of mistery. It reminded me a bit of Fringe in some parts and that`s probably because the producer of Alcatraz is J.J. Abrams.

The show tells the story of how in one night in 1963, everybody in Alcatraz just went missing and thats the reason they closed the jail and not for economical reasons.
Now, in the current day, everybody that went missing in 1963 is returning and they look exactly as did when they disappeared from Alcatraz and the criminals don`t have the best intentions.

Now we just have to watch to find why they are returning, where they were, why they went missing, how, and whats up with that underground Alcatraz.

<strong>Do you watch Alcatraz?</strong>

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