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4 years ago

Released on March 26th, 2012, this is The Useds 5th studio album. After 2 album duds, (Lies for Liars and Artwork), The Used has stepped it up 5 notches, with an amazing combination of alternative, punk, emo, and rock. Comparable to their second album, In Love and Death, each song on this album deserves some credit. They are all amazing. Here is the review.

Album Title: Vulnerable

Artist: The Used

Genre: Alternative-Punk


Opinion Rating ~ 9/10

Averaged Rating ~ 8.334/10


1. I Come Alive ~ 4.5/5

When Im there
At the edge
In this moment I feel it, I know
Come alive when Im falling down.

The bands first single, released in January, this song defines this whole album. Its about a symbol for the band coming back from the shadows and showing the world who they really are. With the perfect mix of orchestral parts, electronic parts, and whispy vocals, this song is awesome.

2. This Fire ~ 4/5

This song, also a mix of orchestra and punk, switching off between chorus and verse. Very catchy chorus, and awesome orchestra part, just resonates In Love and Death. Very good, not the greatest, but very good and well written lyrics about love fading away but a fire in his heart burning strong.

3. Hands and Faces ~ 3.5/5

This song is very electronica-based. A lot of vocal effects with electronic drum sets, it was also a single released in February. Very strange bridge because of a very big slow down in tempo, but regardless a good song. Lyrics are decent, not the best lyrics.

4. Put Me Out ~ 3/5

This song is not one of my favorites, its really more on the hard punk side, with a lot of yelling/screaming. I compare it to Take It Away from In Love and Death, (which I also dont especially like.)

5. Shine ~ 5/5

Definitely one of my favorite song on the album. Its a mix of punk, dance, and alternative, all in one package. The lyrics are also written very well, the chorus is very catchy, and the bridge is memorable. Mix of guitar and synth. All this in one equals the perfect combination.

6. Now That Youre Dead ~ 3.5/5

Mediocre song, a very mysterious intro, but immediately speeds up to a hardcore-punk-type feel. Lyrics are not especially good, but the instrumentals are, like most of their songs, very good. Sounds kinda like some of the songs from their Artwork album, which was a dud.

7. Give Me Love ~ 4/5

Actually pretty good, not as much as yelling as the other songs. There are a lot of vocal harmonies with some effects, sort of sounds like I Caught Fire from In Love and Death, which is a very good song. On the top 5 list of my favorite songs from this album.`

8. Moving On ~ 4.5/5

Very good, too. This song was only written by the band, no help from other lyricists. The instrumentals in the verse are some sort of synthesizer patch that sounds what I call the ice cream truck, but its still awesome. Also on the top 5 list of my favorite songs. The bridge is amazing, with its best quote Feel the beat of my broken heart, feel the beat as were moving on. The chorus is also pretty catchy, with some very high notes hit by Bert.

9. Getting Over You ~ 4.75/5

The ballad of the album, which personally I love. The Used makes amazing ballads, with Bert showing off his real vocal talents. The lyrics are amazing, made me tear up the first time I heard it. According to a comment on the YouTube video of this song, Ive spent hours writing poems trying to make myself feel better, and I stumble across this song. I can honestly say Id rather sit here and smoke cigarettes, and just let it hurt for awhile than even attempt to get over him. Basically, this is an amazing song.

10. Kiss It Goodbye ~ 3.5/5

Also a mediocre song, with still amazing instrumentals. The muted guitar throughout the song is hypnotically good. Some vocal effects, sort of catchy chorus, some yells, and an okay drum line.

11. Hurt No One ~ 4.5/5

Verygood song. The bands true feelings comes out in this song. The drums are very, very good (mainly on the low toms, if you know what that means.) If this album was a story, Hurt No One would be the falling actions to the resolution. Bert is saying that, basically, throughout this entire thing, he never meant to hurt anybody, apparently he has. Hes apologizing for everything, before the closing song.

12. Together Burning Bright ~ 5.5/5

Favorite song. Period. Amazing closer, saying that he knows its gonna be alright. There is not much else I can say about this song, listen for yourself.

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