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5 years ago

Hello lovely Luuuxers! This post is dedicated to the product that changed my dry skin forever....Albolene!!

Don`t let the not-so-flashy packaging of this product fool you. It is the best makeup remover EVER. The way it works is really simple. It has a similar consistency to Vaseline, and you rub it all over your face, including your eye makeup. Then, you take a towel or a tissue and wipe off the Albolene. All (and I mean ALL) of your makeup will come off with it! It takes off the most stubborn of my makeup, including stains on my lips from lip stains!

The reason why this product is so wonderful for dry skin is because it gets most of your makeup off without water! Contact with water is one of the most drying things for my skin, so I avoid it as much as I can. I still like to use a moisturizing cleanser after using Albolene because it does leave a bit of a film, but sometimes I do just leave the Albolene on without cleansing off the film and it works as a great overnight moisturizer. I would not recommend using it as a moisturizer if you have oily skin, since it is pretty intense and would likely make you greasy or break out. However, I believe it would make a great makeup remover for any skin type, as long as you use your favorite cleanser afterward to remove the film.

If you`re someone who gets frustrated by having to cleanse several times in order to get your makeup off, or if you have very dry skin like me and avoid water at all costs, I highly recommend Albolene. Before Albolene, I would cleanse several times and still have makeup coming off when I used my toner. Now, the makeup all comes off the first time and I no longer dread taking my makeup off at the end of the day!

According to the Albolene website (, it also has many different uses other than as a facial cleanser. It is also highly recommended by dermatologists for those suffering from eczema. I haven`t tried Albolene for all of these uses, but it goes to show that you get your money`s worth!

I believe I bought my large tub of Albolene from Walgreen`s for about $10 USD. I`m only about 1/3 done with the tub and I`ve had it for about 9 months! It is definitely a good investment!

Hope this review helped you all, especially those with dry skin who struggle with facial products that make it worse! Let me know if you have any questions about this product!


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