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3 years ago

Alba -- Green Tea Sunscreen

Its summertime, girls! always remember to put on your sunscreens, because I`m pretty sure I don`t have to nag you guys about the consequences of not protecting your skin while out in the sun. premature skin-aging, sunspots, skin cancer, etc....you should know by now:)

I would totally recommend this sunscreen if you`re looking for something that does its job well, yet is still affordable.

it has a nice, refreshing smell which i love. its also quite soothing on the skin.

it IS quite thick, however, and like all sunscreens, it might be a little too shiny on your skin especially if you`re oily, but at least it doesn`t clog pores (i`m very acne-prone and have not broken out from this so far).

Source link: http://www.wholesalecentral.com/wholesale-sunscreen-health-beauty-product-page.html?Searchstr=sunscreen&sas=0&sRow=61&eRow=80