Alarm off only if you resolve questions of logic

4 years ago

Hello luuuxers, American designers have created a concept alarm clock that can be your best ally in the battle against the daily nap - or your worst enemy. The idea is simple: zero procrastination. Without any other option or button that stops the alarm, the "iQ" requires you to be 100% aware of before you sign off, proposing challenges logical thinking and puzzle difficulty between. To ensure that the owner of the unit chord "by force", the device still has other tricks. It can only be set to mute after being answered questions 1-3. Finally, not worth even boot up the battery by force: and the compartment opens only after a sequence of commands applied for 30 seconds. Defined as the creators, "this is an alarm you will love to hate." I`ll never buy this clock because it never manages to come off ... lol

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