Airplane food - yummy or yucky?

5 years ago

One thing travellers always keep complaining about is airplane food (provided it`s being served, which isn`t always the case these days) Well, I beg to differ! On a long haul trip, one thing I`m always looking forward to are the meals on board.
Yes, I know I`m weird. Don`t judge, haha.

I know that the thought of splurging around a thousand dollars on a plane ticket, and receiving a too hot/too cold, tasteless meal (possibly either chicken or pasta) in exchange, does seem like a rip-off. Buuuut I can honestly say that has only happened to me once on the way from Dallas to London. I guess to a certain extent, it`s all about the airline you choose to fly with?

The meal in the picture above <strong> (Chicken with tomato sauce, spinach Spaetzle, salad, noodles and white Mousse au chocolat) </strong> was served on an Emirates flight I took from Dubai to Jakarta last summer, and guess what, it tasted super delish - finished it to the very last bite. :)

<em> Share your thoughts <em>

<ul> <li> Do you enjoy airplane food, or do you hate it as much as most people? </li>
<li> What`s the best or most disgusting meal you had on board of a plane?</li> </ul>


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