Air Wick Colour Changing Candles

3 years ago

Air Wick Colour Changing Candles

I want to share with you all, my latest obsession which is the Air Wick Colour Changing Candles!

These candles are so cool since they have a little LED light embedded in them so when you light them, the light turns on and morphs into all these pretty colours.

It`s actually cool the way the sensor works. My brother figured out a neat little trick - if you point your remote control at the top of the candle, it will turn on the lights lol!

Candles themselves already lend to a relaxing mood, but I could stare at these candles all day since they are so pretty!

I`m actually going to tell you how I bought these two candles for less than the price of one!

I`ve been doing a lot of couponing lately, and it`s helped me save money on items I would buy anyways, or items I`ve been wanting to try.

I get a lot of my coupons from a few websites I check every so often. I found a printable 5 dollars off a purchase of 10 dollars coupon for these Air Wick Colour Changing Coupons.

I usually go to Walmart for my couponing adventures, but I noticed that these candles are priced at 9.99! That would mean I would have to buy 2 candles all because of that measly penny to get my 5 dollars off! So instead I decided to check out Shopper`s Drug Mart. Items at Shopper`s are usually priced a little bit higher, so I was hoping this would work out in my favour!

Here`s where my luck also came into play! They had 3 different scents all priced at $10.99 so between the Lavender, Vanilla and Fresh Water scents I chose the last Vanilla one on the shelf.

But when I went up to the cashier, the candle was ringing up at only 2.75, an Extreme discount! I was hoping that the other scents would be the same price, but the other candles were ringing up normally. I decided that I would still buy the Vanilla one and also purchased the Fresh Water scented candle as well.

So with my coupon, I ended up paying just over 10 dollars, which is the price of one at regular price!

I`m going to print myself another coupon and see if I can go back and find some more of the Vanilla candles that have been marked down!

Wish me luck!

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