AIR between your LEGS?!

<em>Summer is around the corner which means our electric bills will be increasing because of all that air conditioning! I actually can`t wait until Summer because this is the first year ever that I will actually experience using an air conditioning at home because it`s not really hot enough in Southern California to use an air conditioner at home. Plus a few months ago-- My parents recently installed a new a/c and heater unit for the house so I`m excited!</em>

Anyway, if you don`t have an a/c unit don`t worry -- the Japanese thinks about us Americans and designed a way to get AIR between our LEGS with this <strong>Aero Seat Cooling Cushion</strong>. This cooling cushion is used for any chair to be an air-conditioned chair to keep you cool during the hot days. This can be used for your desk, living room armchair or even car seat! It doesn`t use electricity but it uses BATTERIES so it makes it very convenient but price wise, not so much.. $89 + shipping. I wonder how much the battery will last.... I`m sure if I was to use this, one day I would probably be out of batteries, lol.

<strong>What do you use during the summer to Summer to keep you cool from the heat? What do you think of this design for your seating area?</strong> I wear thinner fabric clothes, drink a ton of water and put a fan nearby but this year, we have A/C, yay! As far as design.. it`s pretty cool and all but I wonder how long a battery lasts!

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