Ain`t no original tea-cup

4 years ago

I went to this pottery place where they made tea cups.
My sister`s boyfriend bought one of these for my dad. I decided to buy one of them for my boyfriend`s father.
My boyfriend`s father holds a cuisine business and I thought that a tea-cup would be good for him while he needs to stay up late to do business work. I also got this cup for him because there are chinese writings on it and there is one word on it that I know that he likes which is "fok" which means luck and fortune. According to my dad the chinese wordings on the cup implies for a long healthy life. If I remember correctly, there is a frog or fish on top of the lid and that is considered lucky. The design on this cup is definitely cool and has a lot of symbolism in it.

The design of the teacup actually provides some cool effects to this cup. The reason why it is out of the original category is..............

You are only allowed to put a type of tea leaves in it and you have to drink it for 30 days straight. <STRONG>WITHOUT</strong> changing the tea leaves. After 30 days, you can poor boiling water in the cup (without the tea leaves inside) and it will still taste like that tea ! <strong>Isn`t that cool </strong>! I hope my boyfriend`s dad liked it :) ! Apparently he think it is pretty cool however, he hasn`t tried it yet !

<strong>Have you heard of this unique tea cup ? </strong>

take care
the picture above is mine*

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