Ahava Rich Foundation

Ahava Rich Foundation

A while ago I mentioned on Facebook that I was beginning to get tired of seeing people on YouTube and blogs hyping up Neutrogena`s Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. Don`t get me wrong, it is a nice foundation, but to be honest it`s not as great as the original formulation was.
When I first began wearing makeup I started with the Neutrogena cosmetic line, I quickly discovered Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup SPF20 (shade Toasted Honey 100) - I fell in love! It was a medium coverage foundation with a semi-matte/semi-radiant finish that lasted up to 8hrs before fading into a "natural glow" effect towards the end of the day/evening. They discontinued the original bottle/formulation a few years ago and brought out the newer Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup that everyone is familiar with today. I had no idea they discontinued my foundation until I went to repurchase a couple bottles and it was GONE! Replaced with the newer cylindrical bottle and new shade names and numbers - I was so lost and desperate that I bought the new foundation in Honey Beige 110 (it looked the closest to what I used to wear). After the first use, I instantly realized it was a completely different formulation under the same name! I was livid and heartbroken. The newer formulation was thinner in consistency, a sheer-medium coverage, it wasn`t semi-matte so it accentuated the natural oil in my skin and made my face look oily/greasy all day long, and it wore of in a patchy effect where even powdering it made it look cakey and horrible. So that was the last time I purchased Neutrogena Liquid Makeup and I went on a search to find the closest version to the perfect foundation I ever used.

When I was sent mineral makeup from Ahava to try out for reviewing purposes, I was extremely skeptical. I don`t really like mineral makeup, and since I had no idea Ahava produced makeup (I only knew them for their skincare products via my Birchbox subscription) I didn`t know what to expect. Well, if you read my review on Ahava`s Light Foundation, then you know that I was BLOWN away by it`s formula, coverage, wear time and by how it wore down by the end of the day/night. When I began my trial of Ahava`s Rich Foundation, I was hoping it would be as good, if not better than the Light Foundation.

Ahava Rich Foundation is a heavier formula than the Light Foundation, it provides a medium to full coverage; applied in one light layer you can get a good medium coverage, applied in one heavy or two light layers you can get a good full coverage. The finish is "natural", a semi-matte/semi-radiant finish - I call this "natural" because it reduces that unattractive oily shine but makes your skin look healthy, fresh, young and glowing. Because it is a medium to full coverage foundation, it will look like you have makeup on, but after a few good hours (in my experience, after about 6-8hrs) it begins to wear off... well more like wear in to your skin. It fades the same as the Light Foundation does, where it melts into your skin and looks more like a tinted to medium coverage foundation.

A common trend between Ahava`s Light and Rich foundations is the way they wear on the skin. I personally have combination skin, my cheeks and chin get dry while my nose and forehead get oilier throughout the day. Both of these foundations wear off in a uniform way - unlike the splotchy effect most drugstore foundations have (also known as the foundation separating from itself on your skin, leaving patches of makeup still present but not completely covering your skin), Ahava foundations seem to melt into my skin and leave it looking better than when I first applied the foundation in the morning. Even after touching up with Ahava`s Compact Powder, by the end of the night, my skin looks smooth, even and fresh. It`s hard to explain this without experiencing it yourself. There have been times where I pause for a few minutes to admire my skin before removing my makeup at night - that`s how good it looks!

I was sent the shade Sand Medium Light, which I thought would be too dark, but it blends into my skintone really well actually. I have applied this foundation with my fingers, a stippling brush and a tiny powder brush. I personally prefer to apply the Rich Foundation with my fingers because it creates a smooth and even application for medium coverage. I achieve a full coverage when using a brush to apply it. For a flawless finish I use a paddle foundation brush to apply a thin layer, let it set into the skin for a while and then apply another layer in the areas I need more coverage, then I let that sit. By the time I`m done with my eye makeup I lightly dust on the Compact Powder and this locks in the full and flawless coverage for hours. I never feel the need to use a concealer with this foundation, unless it is to brighten up my under eye area, but the foundation covers all my pigmentation issues and blemishes perfectly on its own.

Overall, Ahava`s Rich Foundation reminds me of the perfection that was Neutrogena`s original Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. If you are looking for a medium to full coverage foundation that is gentle on your skin, won`t produce more oils and won`t dry out your skin, will last you up to 8hrs in coverage and will give your skin a healthy, natural glow and fresh face - then I wholeheartedly recommend Ahava`s Rich Foundation. It might seem pricey to some, but if you`re like me and spend a lot of money and years searching for a perfect foundation, then this is affordable in my eyes.
(although this product was sent to me for trial and review, when I run out, I plan on buying at least one more for backup!)

- Formulated with Dead Sea minerals, natural pigments and Dunaliella algae, this full coverage foundation is made for all skin types
- Free of oils and dyes and made with soft focus technology, this makeup looks as good on you as it is for you
$35.00 / 30 ml
4 shades: Dune Bright, Sand Medium Light, Clay Medium, Terra Dark

Always start with clean, dry skin. Allow moisturizer to dry completely before applying. Shake well before application. Use your fingertips or a sponge. Pump once and spread evenly over face. Re-apply where more coverage is needed. No need for concealer

*Product(s) were received for trial/review; these are my honest opinions

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