Ah-mazing Deep Conditioner for hair! (:

5 years ago

Hey loves. I just wanted to share with you guys this incredible conditioner, I´ve been using for quite a while. It´s called Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask by Neutrogena. I love this conditioner for so many rehaznos. There aren´t any negatives to compare it to, so I´ll just write all the pro son one list.
Why I love it:
a. It smells ah-mazing.It has this chemical-y smell. But not just like bad chemically, like something totally too good to be natural, you know? Like subway. You know nature totally didn´t Intend. To make that smell, but it´s just too good for you to actually give a shit, haha(: It´s sweet almond & just warmth. It´s hard to describe.
b. A little goes a looong way. Seriously, you don´t need to put on that much. Just put it in your locks, & leave it in for like 5 minutes.
c. When your hair is dry it actually is softer. Like really soft. It´s incredible.
d. Your hair is sooo shiny. (Rinse with cold water!) & It reflects light so well.
e. Your hair is conditioned really well, your split ends actually do mend together. You´ll totally notice less split ends. Which is great!! :)
f. It works for all types of hair, frizzy, dead, long, short, colored, over-proccessed, dry. Every single type of hair.
g. Your hair stops being frizzy. It works better than many other conditioners. I love it.
So yeahh, thoes are the pros of this ah-mazing product! I seriously would recommend this to anyone. I even told my friend´s about it! ;) They love it too. If you have dry, or colored hair. This will really help. Try it out!
I give this product a 8.9 out of 10 stars!
xx - anna

Source link: http://neutrogena.com

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