Aftermath: Golden Globes 2012

5 years ago

Almost without realizing it, the Golden Globes 2012 are gone. Back was a night of surprises further confirmation of what, from mild disappointment with the presenter, and delight with some unique moments. A night with an audience lively and well-prepared and, above all, full of fair play.
Presenters point, alone and in pairs, there were up on stage and doing their part - each more nervous and less given to improvisation, others ready to start a laughter to the audience millionaire.

Big Wins - Film

Besides the most obvious winners - The Artist (3 Globes) and The Descendants (two globes) - Night of the Golden Globes brought us a series of expected and unexpected victories of which we will always remember:

- Woody Allen`s victory by his original argument Midnight in Paris - a real love letter to Paris, and the ability to dream and believe.
- The prize awarded to Morgan Freeman career, that "Mr. Cinema", that no distinction can not even begin to say (or thank) what he has done in the middle.
- Meryl Streep`s win: year after year, their characters come to life itself, and even when it is officially recognized by it, no matter ... because we know that in the following year Streep will enchant even more. This globe, as well as a performance reward "tour de force," still rewards a woman who indulges every role as if it were the first and refused to rest in the shade of what it is: the best actress alive.
- Finally: The Artist`s team takes the stage to accept the award for Best Picture (Comedy or Musical) and behold on stage is also ... the dog. One of the sweetest moments of the night.

Big Wins - TV

I suspect that we can not in all fairness, to distinguish a single winner in the TV categories concerned. The terms of doing so, the choice would fall in Homeland, the only winning the series to take home two awards - Best Dramatic Series and Best Dramatic Actress.

The other categories "good split the villages" and have a beautiful way to reward quality and several series of various issues, and that included victories veterans (Modern Family), or deserved visibility to new series (as Boss - series supported by Magazine HD-and-cover of last month, through its Lead Actor Kelsey Grammer).

In the miniseries or TV movie categories, we highlight the team`s choice as Best Magazine-HD series of the year - Mildred Pierce and Downton Abbey - who went home with a prize each. Idris Elba was the third winner of the lot for his role in Luther.

Farewell bland

We can only show some surprise at the presentation of Ricky Gervais, somewhat off. Or was not there to upset and unwilling to terrorize everyone, or cut him valiantly the pious. But do not misunderstand - there were inspired moments, but basically, just that, moments. We remind ourselves of at least half a dozen presenters who managed to pull off the biggest laughs that Gervais, and was the last time we had the ceremony, was a somewhat inglorious departure.

The general framework

It is useless, especially on a night like yesterday`s, which made us so proud of the industries behind our passions, arguing that "this is who should have won" or "he did not deserve." Yesterday was a night that made me happy.

Yesterday they celebrated the whole, not just the name that came in the envelope, and this is an event, sometimes rare, but incredibly beautiful.

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