After football treat =gt McDonald`s Cone amp Fries!

5 years ago

Yes, it`s winter time, and yes it snowed out the last two days in a row, and YES it`s still bitter cold out - but who doesn`t love ice cream? Especially in a nice, warm toasty car? Me and my boyfriend that is!

My boyfriend and I were driving back from his friends house, where we watched the Pats game. I admit, I half watched, but played on my phone and read a book and talked to the two of them in between. Anyway, passing by McDonald`s my boyfriend asked if I wanted an ice cream cone. Ice cream sounded good, especially since we had only had lunch before heading out earlier so ice cream it was! We ordered two vanilla cones and a small french fry. Mmmm salty fries with ice cream - seriously the best combo ever!

When the girl came to the window (with gloves on mind you) to hand us our ice cream cones, she was kind of chuckling. Yeah, we`re crazy, but it`s all good! I love McDonald`s vanilla cones, they`re really good, plus they`re not all that bad for you. There`s only 150 calories in it and one of the best parts is, you get a whole lot of ice cream!

I ate my cone and ate about 6 french fries and my boyfriend ate the rest. Delicious - even in the winter time!

<em>Do you like McDonald`s vanilla cone and/or french fries?
What`s your favorite thing to order at Mickey D`s?</em>

Images are mine (and were taken in my car, so excuse the quality) do not take or use. Thank you.

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