Afrin Addiction? BzzAgent

4 years ago

I received the Afrin from BzzAgent about 3 weeks ago and I`ve used it avidly. I have a few different sinus problems, and it`s always difficult for me to breathe through my nose.
One of my good friends swears by Afrin! So i was really excited when I received the offer to try the campaign.
I do find that the Afrin helped me breathe quite a bit. It did decrease my nasal congestion pretty quickly, but I found that it does wear off quickly causing me to use it more and more.
I rate the products a 3/10 stars.
While i enjoy how well the product works that fact that it wears off so fast is a HUGE negative to me.
The more I use the product the more dependent I become on it, and it has been said to be addicting.
I wasn`t aware when I first signed on for the campgain that it could have lasting negative affects, but the fact that the product can cause an addiction is not only dangerous, but also a little irresponsible for BzzAgent to give out.
While the product does have a few positives it`s not worth the overall risk.

The product reviewed was provided to me by BzzAgent, but my review is honest and now endorsed by the company.
The image provided above belongs to me, please do not take it.

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