Affordable Way To Whiter Teeth!!:))

4 years ago

Hey luuuxers!! I`ve been using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to whiten my teeth and it has been amazing!! I only do this once a week to prevent stripping away and damaging enamel. I try to do it every sunday, which s considered my "full spa day" where I do a body soak, scrub, face mask, manicure...the whole everything lol All you have to do is take some of the baking soda on a small plate and mix in some f the hydrogen peroxide until it becomes a soft paste but not runny. Then, I take a firm toothbrush that I use only for whitening my teeth and brush my teeth with the mixture. You should make sure not to brush too hard because the baking soda is already doing its job. This worked instantly for me!! I could see that my teeth were much whiter, brighter, and looked much cleaner overall. These products are very affordable. Baking soda can be found at Walmart for only 54 cents! and the hydrogen peroxide was only around $2:)) Other tips to keep and maintain whiter teeth:
- Floss regularly
-Try to rinse out your mouth after eating or drinking to prevent staining
-When drinking colored drinks, use a straw to prevent staining
- Use a toothpaste that includes whitening

Anyone ever tried this? What do you guys think?
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