Affordable Shoes For Kids At Ross! Prices You Can`t Beat

9 months ago

Ok, I admit I`m addicted to Ross. Ross is always the first place I go to for clothes, jewelry, cook ware, shoes and doggie stuff. I can`t help it, you get to get department store stuff for cheap. And as a parent of three boys who`s still growing, I need to find affordable good quality clothing and shoes for them. Why? They outgrow them in a blink of an eye. Especially shoes. And omg, there are pretty rough with their shoes too, no matter what brand they get even Nike. So I count on Ross. I used to get them at Payless, but ugh... You should see their prices now. Way back it was affordable, now their prices is almost like department prices but the quality isn`t the same at all. I remember buying a $30 pair for them and within two months it was already unwearable. So off to Ross I go with my fingers crossed, cause it`s a hit and miss sometimes.

But I was lucky. I hit the jackpot. I was able to find a pair of shoes for each of my son. For my eldest, I got him the white Polo Assn. pair and it was on clearance for $9.99! I like that it`s not made with mesh material because I don`t want his socks getting wet in the rain. For now he`ll have to do without the mess kind.

For my second eldest, I got him the black Polo Assn. pair for $14.99! It`s a different material than the white pair. It`s like a velvet/ suede material. Even though the outside will get wet, at least his feet won`t.

And last but not least for my youngest, I got him a pair of brown loafer by Nautica for a clearance price of $14.99! The insole of this shoe is really soft and comfortable. I actually pressed my fingers down on it to see if it`s soft or not. That`s what I always do when I buy shoes for them. If the inside sole is hard as a rock, it`s a no go. I don`t think that would be comfortable at all. So I`m glad these shoes were all comfortable.

Oh my youngest son actually got two pairs of shoes. One of which is not shown because he has already worn them. But it`s also a pair of loafer by Nautica but it`s black. And guess what?! It was on clearance for $9.99! Yes I can`t believe the great deals I got.

There were times when I would stray from Ross to get shoes when I`m unable to find them there but those shoes break faster than anything they`ve gotten from Ross. So I`ll snatch a pair up anytime I see one of quality and for a great price. So until they are full grown adults, they get their shoes from there unless I find similar deals elsewhere. But even my husband and I purchase most of our shoes there, especially when it comes to the heels I buy..haha

So, where`s your favorite place to get great deals on shoes?

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