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3 years ago

The movies have given us some iconic motor cars over the years. Some have encapsulated a generation; some have wowed kids and left them asking their parents for one when they get older; but whatever they do; they inspire. But could you afford one? Could you buy the car of your dreams from a film that you loved in todays market? Unbelievably, yes you could but buy carefully. Here are some of the more affordable motors from the movies.
Ford Mustang Is the Ford Mustang the most iconic car of all time? The amount of films and commercials the Mustang has been in is ridiculous, and yet to continues to sell in droves even today. It has been a sales phenomenon for Ford, and now you can have a slice. Thanks to how many variations and editions, you can now buy a Mustang for the price of a normal family car. Sure, it may look a little odd next to a Mondeo, but just think of how cool you will look. Whether youre going for the Bullitt look, or the Gone in 60 Seconds feel, the Mustang can provide you will all the American-cool you could ever ask for. If the price is right, why wouldnt you?
Audi S8 The old Audi S8 took a starring role in the 1998 film, Ronin. It was one of the coolest cars around thanks to its understated looks and vicious performance, and now you can buy one for considerably less than the original list. This is thanks to the virtues of time;
. So if you fancy yourself as a make-shift Robert DeNiro, then the Audi S8 could be the car for you. BMW 7-Series Okay, so the new BMW 7-Series may be out of most peoples price ranges, but the old one from the is most definitely affordable. This super-slick saloon looks the business in the aforementioned film, and helped Bond defeat the baddies with clever technology from Q-branch not as standard. Prices for the E38 7-Series have come down dramatically over the years, so now is probably the right time to find one and indulge a little. Unfortunately, we cant promise that you will look anything like Bond when driving.
Lotus Esprit Be honest with yourself, when you were growing up you wanted the white Lotus Esprit from the Bond films, didnt you? Well, dont despair, because you could, in theory, own one albeit one that cant drive underwater. The prices for the Lotus Esprit has come down significantly over the decades, thanks primarily to the cars legendary faults and flaws. But hey, this is a car from the movies who cares about reliability? Buy one, make sure its white, and love it. Your mates will be jealous, your partner will hate you, but hey; this is a once in a lifetime type of car. Nobody owns a Lotus Esprit these days. Be an individual and live your dreams!

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