AEngland Holy Grail (new edition)

4 years ago

I had no intentions of changing my nail color just yet, but I was forced to do so. I am painting furniture in my home and started on a vanity. I was using a metal spray paint and, according to my husband, I hold the can awkwardly. I ended up with paint all over three of my fingers on my right hand. Did you know spray paint will eat through nail polish?! I suppose it makes sense. I mean, if you apply a fresh coat of polish over a cured layer, the bottom layers will soften up enough that you can scrape them away. That is what happened. I should have worn gloves but in my defense, I didn`t know I hold spray paint cans like a toddler! I so badly wanted to keep Dragon on, but I couldn`t get just the white spray paint off without it removing Dragon too. :-( The silver lining, however, is that it forced me to try another of the aEnglands that are sitting unswatched. This time, I am wearing Holy Grail. Now, this is the new edition of Holy Grail. It was originally released as a very bright yellow-gold. That version is now a limited edition. If you happen to want that one, it is listed for £5 right now. Usually, aEngland polishes are £9 (I believe). I fell in love when I saw this version come out. It is dirtier, for lack of a better word. It looks old and tarnished. It has a far more rustic feel to it, which is what I think of when I think of the word holy grail and medieval times. It just seems to fit better than a bright, newly forged metal coloring. Application, as with all of the aEnglands I have tried, was a breeze. I am wearing two coats in these photos. The opacity wasn`t as impressive as Dragon, but still nothing to scoff at. You might notice some shrinkage at my tips. This has nothing to do with the polish itself, but the fact that my nails are nubs and it is difficult to properly wrap the tips. Because of that, I skipped wrapping all together. I just brushed it over the top surface of the nail. Even still, it didn`t completely pull back and expose bare nail. I`d say that is impressive, considering I used Seche Vite (which is notorious for causing shrinkage). So, over all do I think this is a polish worth owning? YES! If you like golds, I say this is a MUST! A lot of gold polishes are standard gold or a paled down gold. The aged factor to this one sets it apart, not to mention the fabulous application you`ll get with aEngland.
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