Advanced Ab Work - Superman Plank

4 years ago

This is an extremely hard move to perform, I have to admit. Even I can`t do this move properly without falling over.

This is an advanced move that is derived from the lower plank move. This directly targets your abs, your triceps, your butt as well as your thighs. As you can see, this is an extremely powerful and effective move.

How to do the Superman Plank:
1. Start with the lower plank with your arms in a 90 degree angle on the floor and your legs shoulder width apart.
2. Slowly raise your right arm straight in front of you, being parallel to the floor.
3. Once you are balanced, slowly raise your opposite leg up, being parallel to the floor as well.
4. Hold for 10 seconds.
5. Slowly release the move, getting back to the starting position.
6. Repeat on the opposite side.
7. Repeat 10 repetitions.

When doing this move, it is important to keep your butt down and body straight or else you`ll end up injuring your back. The hardest part is trying to keep your body steady while trying to lift your arm and leg off the floor.

If you find out that you are starting to shake, immediately go back to the starting position. This way, you avoid falling and hurting yourself.

Keep in mind that this is a VERY hard move to perform, so please take your time and be patient.

You can build up to this move through holding longer planks and doing more pushups to increase your balance and strength. Don`t be discouraged if you can`t do this move, I can only do 1 rep myself =)

Hope this helps!

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