Adorable Gifts from Korea: Socks amp Mittens!

4 years ago

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Hey Luuux!
My friend was in Korea for the past couple months, and when she came back to the states, she brought some gifts for me! :D If you`ve ever been to Korea, or ever had a friend bring back gifts for you from Korea, you probably know how cute their clothes, accessories, etc. can be! The best thing about it is that they`re usually pretty inexpensive :) A pair of socks is probably under $1, so you could stock up on gifts for people pretty quickly and for a great price! Korean people are known to have the cutest socks, so any time someone comes back from Korea, you can expect them to have a new sock wardrobe ;) These are the things my friend bought for me ^^


<strong>Pink Knit Mittens</strong>: I was so excited about seeing these because they`ll be perfect for the colder months! I love how they`re pink and have a string to keep the two mittens together ^^ The little button detail and soft fuzzy lining at the bottom is too cute!

<strong>White Bear Socks</strong>: This pair of socks is so funny because the bear has an outie belly button :P If it wasn`t for that outie, these would be semi-plain, but of course, Korean people can`t make socks without something to smile about :D

<strong>Pink Bunny Socks</strong>: What can I say? These are just adorable ^_^ The bunny is soooo cute!

<strong>Hello Kitty No-Show Socks</strong>: My friend knows that I usually wear no-show socks, so it was so sweet of her to get these for me :) When you look at them, they look like they could be baby socks, but I included a picture of what they would look like worn on the feet! The inner portion (where your foot would go in) is lined with cute lace detailing, and the HK and bear balloons, along with the hearts, just make these socks super cute! They can look a little childish, so it won`t be everyone`s cup of tea, but I love them! Even if you didn`t like them, they`re no-show socks, so you can`t go wrong!


That`s it for this little gift/haul post :) Thank you for reading/viewing it! I hope you found these as adorable as I did! A big thank you goes out to my sweet friend for getting these for me <3 I`m actually applying for a teaching job in Korea now, so hopefully I`ll get it and be able to travel there! ^^ Wish me luck!

<em>Tell Me: What do you think of these gifts? Which gift is your favorite? Do you have any Korean socks/accessories?Tell me in your comments below! :D</em>

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