Adele Stands By Her Image!

5 years ago

Adele`s weight was yet again topic of discussion and this time because designer Karl Lagerfeld said that Adele "is a little too fat". That left a lot of people angry about such remark and Adele has spoken about the current topic of her weight and that she doesn`t really care what others say.
She said in a interview that she doesn`t let that affect her and that she represents a group of woman and that not everybody is a skinny model type girl. She also didn`t let her influence by what others looked like and did to achieve success and so she didn`t put the pressure on herself to look a certain way.
You can see in the video also a part of her interview where she addresses that topic.

I think its great that she is comfortable with who she is and isn`t looking to get a body X or Z singer/model. I think that the reason people should lose weight is if they don`t feel confortable with the extra weight and for health reasons, i mean, weight loss can be good but it has to be something that the person wants and needs and not for outside pressure.
So, i do admire her for been comfortable with who she is and her amazing voice shuts up all the haters! lol

<strong>What do you think of the Karl Lagerfeld comment to Adele? What do you think of Adele staying confident in herself and not trying to get a body like a model or other singer?</strong>

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