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12 months ago

Hey Luuuxers,

Here is a haul from a while ago that I have been meaning to post!

I actually placed this order from Addition Elle a while ago, but most of the items are actually for fall so I guess this is as good a time to post as any!

I bought these sweaters at the beginning of the summer since they were on sale for the off season...

The `London` sweater in the corner is cute with a flower print - not something I normally go for, but I like it! My problem is that since I am really tall, this does tend to ride up a little bit if I raise my hand or something so my belly can peek out sometimes. Not ideal when you are trying to stay warm and cozy, but I have still been wearing it for a little bit so far. And it`s still comfortable so not really work me returning it.

Below it is a graphic t-shirt that has a collage of images included the picture of that girl`s face. It`s a cool short of print and just a casual sort of item. It`s actually really good for layering :)

Next is another sweater that I think is funny so I had to get it. It`s a little bit hard to see thanks to the `foil` print but it says No More Sel#ies so I thought it was funny (ps that`s not a typo, the `f` is actually replaced with a hashtag). I`m totally for a good selfie every once in a while, but you have to admit, there are a few people who just take and post wayyyy to many selfies so this is a sout out to them! Lol

Below that is another sweater. This one is actually the black version of a grey one I had purchased when I had a coupon a while back. I love how soft and comfortable the grey one is so I figured why not get the black one as well since it was on sale?

And right down the middle is the true reason for my order - underwear! I had cleaned out my underwear drawer right around the time I made this purchase and thrown out some that were looking a little worse for wear. My favourite undies are the Addition Elle thongs that are made of cotton and are super comfy, but I know that wearing thongs everyday is not the best choice so I decided to try out some of their other styles to see how well they work. They have a 5 for 25 deal on underwear so I chose 5 pairs :)

So a late post, but definitely with some good items that I have already been using!

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