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1 year ago

Hey luuuxers,

I was recently killing some time at the mall while my car was in the shop. The mechanic is a little far from where I live, so it didn`t make sense to bus or get a ride back home.

And since the mechanic is a family friend, he actually let me borrow his car so I could go to the mall near his shop.

I actually was happy to end up there since they have an Addition Elle location, I had just received a 40% off of a regular price item coupon in the mail!

So I decided to swing by and see if they had anything. I have recently realized that I don`t really have too many light knit sweaters, which is what I need for spring and fall. The majority of my clothes are t-shirts for summer or super thick heavy sweaters for winter. I need some items for in between! I usually end up layering which work fine, but sometimes looks bulky or messy.

With that in mind, I browsed through the racks. There actually happened to be a huge clearance going on in the store so they had much more clearance items than usual. The first thing I noticed was this cute sweater with a zebra on the front! For whatever reason, I really liked the way this shirt looked. And while it looks to be warm, it`s actually pretty light. It was only 14 dollars which was a great deal!

I also found this cute knit beanie on sale for 5 bucks! I love the blue and purple knit and I actually like beanies like this since they don`t give my `hat head`. The band is nice and loose, and the top is big and floppy so it doesn`t mess up my hair too much! Lol

I also still had my coupon which wouldn`t apply to clearance items, so I did some searching through the regular racks.

I found this grey sweater with a colourful, bird print on the front. This sweater was a little expensive at regular price at 45 bucks! But it was so soft, and with my coupon, I couldn`t resist. The sweater is a super soft jersey, which feels great to wear, and at the same time isn`t too bulky or thick. At 27 dollars, it was still a little bit on the steep side for just a casual shirt, but again, the fabric quality was so great, I couldn`t help myself!

There were a few other shirts with the same fabric, so I may go back in a few weeks or check online if they get marked down a bit!


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