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4 years ago

As you may know by now, I`m obsessed with circle lens.

1. Because I used to be badly bullied during elementary and high school for having "small, beady and evil Asian eyes". Back then, I wore thick rimmed glasses causing me to squint 24/7. I`m very self-conscious about my eyes.
2. I find having giant doll eyes very attractive.

That being said, I know circle lens can be damaging to your eyes if you wear them too long. I made this mistake when I wore my dueba lens to work for 11 hour periods for an entire month. I started developing small white dots in my iris (the colored part of your eye) so I got a check-up right away.

Thankfully, they were small abrasions caused by dry eyes and would be completely reversible and harmless if I took care of my eyes better.

So I got Acuvue Define lens.

The Vivid version (brown) comes in bi-weekly or daily. They`re the equivalent of the regular Acuvue 2 and Acuvue 2 color lens. You can wear them 1 week straight without taking them off. However, I`ve never tried that nor will I ever try that.

The Accent and Natural Shine (black and golden black) come in daily. They are the same as the 1-day Acuvue lens.

I trust Acuvue because they are the leading brand of contact lens. Plus they produced regular contacts before heading to the colored varieties.

After I started wearing my Acuvue Define to work, my eyes healed up rapidly. I get my eyes checked every 6 months.

Even though they don`t enlarge as much, they are a lot better for my eyes.

They are costly though...It`s about $40-50/month and I have to get them shipped from Asia.

Hope that helps.

*photo is mine*


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