Activated Carbon Carving | Super Asian!

This is a <strong>activated carbon carving</strong> and what makes it unique is that this supposedly can absorb all kinds of the gas such as the smog, odor, to clean the environment. Sounds pretty cool huh? While leaving your home looking nice with this decor. The packaging for this carving is really pretty, the box has a magnetic closure and the inside has a cloth where it looks really expensive but underneath it`s just foam, lol but the presentation of the box is nice.

I was doing some cleaning and came across this in the closet. My sister`s co-worker gave this to her and she didn`t want it and gave it to my parents. What did my parents do? Store it in the closet but I told them what this cool thing does [after reading the pamphlet] and they told me to take it out and display it.. of course I will tomorrow and remove the clear plastic.

The carving in the wood is really nice. It`s orange flowers for some reason reminds me of a dragon. It would be nicer if it had a dragon but either way, I think it looks really nice. I don`t know which way is the top of the craving and the bottom.

<strong>Do you own anything "super Asian" like this?</strong> We own more Asian stuff but this is why my sister doesn`t.. it doesn`t really match her decor, lol.

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