Acne tools: Extractor review

5 years ago

I was at a Japanese supermarket the other day and I saw this extractor, and picked it up because I saw one of them at Sephora`s, but it seemed a little pricey...(I got mine in China Town for around $2 for 2 extractors!)

One end of the extractor has a needle tip and the other has a small open loop.
What you do is push the needle tip into your pimple and then place the loop over the place you poked, and then gently make your way around it until all the icky stuff comes out.

The only thing about this REALLY NEED TO BE CAREFUL! Never use it on a pimple that is not ready to be opened or cystic acne. I tried poking at a pimple that I thought was ready, and it just bled when I pushed the loop around it.
Another instance though...this is going to be TMI, but...
I had another pimple that had come to the surface (a little white cap was visible) and it was pretty big and painful. When I pushed the loop around that one, there was so much relief as the pressure was taken off.
The next day, that spot was flattened. A little red, but most of the inflammation had been taken out.

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