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4 years ago

It`s finals season for university and college students, and as a girl, our menstrual cycle also contributes to the outbreak of acne :(

Here are some solutions to get rid of/prevent acne:

1) Stock up on Advil Liquid Pills
Who knew? The Ibuprofen is actually an anti-inflammatory and the alcohol in the pills will help with opening pores in your skin to deliver the ibuprofen more quickly. It quickly reduces the redness and irritation of the breakout almost IMMEDIATELY!

2) Avoid all things dairy!
Yes dairy is a health food, but when it comes to your skin, it`s on the top of the worst things for it! Dairy products are full of estrogen from cows, estrogen causes the breakouts on your skin. Dairy is also mucus-forming, which clogs not only internal organs, but also your skin. Waste will be stored in your cells, your skin will then try to get rid of these wastes through your pores.

3) Say NO to Energy Drinks!
I understand many university and college students rely on these to study for their finals, but they`re made of caffeine, sugar, mixed with artificial chemicals and flavoring! When you eat in the food you do, your body has to be able to make sense of them to properly digest them. When you drink in this bottle of chemicals, your hormones go crazy! Digestive system becomes clogged! And inflammation goes up! > all key triggers of acne! A healthier alternative would be coffee, or a cup of herbal tea! :)

4) Avoid Using Your Night Creams!
Depending on your age, you may not even need the thick layer of night cream you may be wearing! Avoid the heavy oil on your face. Many night creams and moisturizers actually cause the breakouts you have the next day! Test for the best one for YOUR skin :) I use Mary Kay and they`ve been an angel!

Doing little things like cleaning your make up brushes to prevent bacteria or drinking clean water will always help with keeping you flawless! :)

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