Acne Myths! Stop Listening To Them!

4 years ago

Many people are so desperate to get rid of acne, that they follow these FALSE acne myths blindly. They don`t realize that each and every person with acne need a specialized treatment based on their skin type and texture. These myths may seem harmless, but the truth is revealed that they can possibly severe, life long damage. When I was an editor for People Magazine, I was taking medical school (and still do) to have a degree to fall back on if something ever happened. I took classed specifically focusing on the skin and acne. So all is valid.

Myth #1: Acne is caused by dirt.
Acne is not caused by dirt. And no amount of scrubbing with any kind of soap and water will do any effect. In-fact, too frequent washing of the face or body acne, can reverse the process and cause even more, painful acne.

Myth #2: Acne is caused by candy and french fries.
Acne is no way, shape or form, linked to what you eat. A single pimple takes at minimum two weeks to form and grow to the surface of the skin. If you ate tons of fried food last night, and woke up with a pimple. There is no connection! Eating a healthy diet has tons of benefits, but getting rid of acne, is not one.

Myth #3: Only teenagers get acne.
This is in fact 100% percent incorrect. What is true is that 90% of teens get acne, 50% of women and 25% of men get acne in their adulthood! Sometimes even for 20 years.

Myth #4: Spot treatments are best
Spot treatments in a fact don`t work on a pimple. They work on a pimple that is coming in, beneath the skin; 10% of the time. It takes at minimum two weeks for a pimple to form, a spot treatment will not kill the roots of a pimple.

Myth: #5 Acne is no big deal.
Acne is a big deal. Emotionally, Socially, and Physically. Acne can be a sign that your body is telling you something, allergic reaction, or just hormone imbalance. Acne could even be as bad as cancerous. Get it checked out immediately.

Myth #6: Acne is any kind of pimple.
Acne in fact is not one pimple or even a patch of pimples. Acne is a term for when a doctor or dermatologist diagnoses a condition to your skin and texture.

Myth #7: Sun exposure helps clear acne.
Sun exposure actually makes acne worse. Using sun screen will not help acne in the sun. The sun causes the skin to shed even more skin cells than non sun exposure. That is a major trigger for acne.

Myth #8: Acne has a cure.
Acne does NOT have a cure. Not with the most expensive prescription medication. Not with the best over the counter system. However, acne can be healed and controlled with daily maintenance therapy with proven acne medicines prescribed by a doctor or dermatologist.

FYI!: Popping your pimples is worst than not washing your face for a year. It will become infected and cause more pimples. If after popping it, it bleeds. You simply has popped it too far and torn into your inner skin layers. Don`t pop them!

Hope this helps anyone with pimples, or diagnosed acne! I am currently two years into getting my M.D. Almost there! Enjoy! Thanks!

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