Acl reconstruction preparing and recovering

4 years ago

When preparing for Acl reconstruction I made sure to strengthen my Quads and hamstrings before going in for the operation just to give it that little bit extra stability when i wake up fro the operation. It was a good idea to train my Hamstrings especially because I was having a Hamstring graft. What i would do is go to the gym 3 times a week and make sure I would do hamstring curls, squats, lying leg curls and kettlebell swings. When going in for the operation try not to think about the pain just focus on getting better after the operation is finished. When awake and the morphine is wearing off I admit, your knee will be so painful and yo will want to constantly keep it bent, this is really bad, try your best to keep your leg straight, it will feel fine after a couple of weeks, just dont give up, You have gone through the hard part, your`e already hurt so gain something from it and recover properly. When on the road to recovery if you have a decent doctor and physio they should give you exercises to do, if not here are a few I did, first of all tense your quad on the bard leg, and force it down, into the bed hold for 3 seconds repeat this 10 times then rest do this for 3 sets. Another exercise when you have stability in your leg, is to raise it 5 inches off the bed when lying down and hold in the air for 10 seconds, X10 for 3 sets. Make sure to get your rests and do the exercise with good form. Surely by now your physio would have given you some more exercises to do, so il skip to 3 months, this is when you can begin to start doing aqua aerobics. Its alot harder than what you think with a significantly weaker leg, dont forget they just took a hamstring graft. about 4 months attend gym regular and get your squats going (if your doctor and physio agree) dont do deep squats, put a bench underneath ur bum so you know when youv`e hit it you have gone far enough. do the same as you were doin before the op then. Back to the kettlebell swings, hamstring curls, calf raises, abs strong core can really help your legs especially if your a sprinter,footballer o rugby player. Hope this helped anyone whose nervous of acl reconstruction. comment below

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*I am not a qualified physiotherapist or doctor im just giving advice which was given to me from a qualified person*

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