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Hi everyone. I want to blog about and review acer computers. I got mine about five years ago for just a little over 800.00. A pretty decent price. It was going to be slightly cheaper, but they told me I could get this special chip thing put in for more memory, so I went for it and that`s what brought it up to 800.00 dollars.

At first I hated this computer, I`ll be honest with you. Youtube, Myspace, google... anything would irritate it and would allow viruses in! I spent a fortune fixing it time after time.

But then I realized, that it wasn`t really acer`s fault! It was that gosh darn Norton Antivirus that was just dumb and a joke. I had many problems with them, but I`ll have to post a new blog about my experience with them.

Anyways, I got a new antivirus that was recommended to me and since then, nothing has gone in to my computer and everything works super fast in my five-year-old acer computer. It`s nice. I recommend them, just get a really good trusted antivirus.

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