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4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers! So I just watched this movie called "Accused at 17". I`ve never really heard of it before. It stars Nicole Anderson.
This is the plot:
A teenager named named Bianca is unable to attend a party that everyone is going to. Bianca later finds out that at the party, her boyfriend has hooked up with another girl named Dory. Bianca is furious and with her two friends, Fallon and Sarah, plan to teach Doy a lesson. They drive Dory out in the middle of no where, and expect her to walk her way back home. When they drive her out, Bianca is the first to leave, leaving her two friends to deal with Dory. When Dory throws a rock at Fallon, Fallon`s uncontrolled anger causes her to through an even bigger rock at Dory, crushing her scull and killing her. After realizing what she has done, Fallon is traumatized and aware of the consequences of going to jail. She tells Sarah that this will not be told to anyone, not even Bianca. Fallon munipilizes Sarah and convinces her that the Dory`s death was Sarah`s fault too. Police investigate where Dory has gone (no one knows yet that she`s dead). When two travellers come across Dory`s body, police try to find out what has happened to Dory, ad how she died. They investigate suspects and it all comes down to Bianca. Thinking Fallon and Sarah as Bianca`s friends, Fallon actually tries and frames Bianca as the murderer to save herself from going to prison. Bianca is thrown in jail, while her mother tries and figures out the truth of Dory`s death (which none of the two girls, Sarah and Fallon) will tell. Bianca`s mother knows that her daughter is innocent and is trying to prove that. In the end, Fallon`s guilt and insanity causes her to admit to her fault, which frees Bianca.

Overall, the movie was okay. It was pretty interesting to watch. I hated Fallon`s character soooo much!!!! She made me so angry! I didn`t think she would turn out the way she did when I saw her character in the beginning of the film. She was so crazy, munipilitive (especially to poor sarah) and a backstabber. She was no friend at all to Bianca. She was a traitor and a selfish person.

I`ve nevverr heard of this movie before and just came across it online.
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