Accidental Concert Goer - Phoebe Killdeer and the Short Straws

As most people know already, I am studying abroad in Ireland for the year. And let me just get this out the way before I continue. It has been beyond amazing. I have met so many new people, learned so many new things, made such wonderful friends; frankly, I have no clue how I will feel once I have to leave but thats the future and Ill focus on today.
Today I accidentally attended my first concert! Me and some friends were lounging around a local pub when we were handed a flyer stating : FREE SESSION @ 11. AT first im like wth is a session, but then I thought about it and still I was drawing blanks. At 11 we start to head for the session. There was a girl in front collecting tickets; when I asked her what a session was she shrugged absent mindedly. Real Helpful not. Anyways we proceed up the stairs to an open set of double doors to the left. Immediately we could see a woman, no more than 28, straw thin swaying from side to side in her ghost white blouse, as the bass began to chime in. Then it hit me music session. Boy I felt a little dumb. I turned to my friends and they gave me an expectant look. Id never been to a concert before. While it was amazing I must admit that I wasnt appreciative of the experience until I got back to my apartment and looked up the band. Phoebe Killdeer and the Short Straws were playing in front of me for 25min. and I had no idea who they were until I got back to my room. People who are familiar with this band and their amazing melodies can only imagine my embarrassment. They are probably most famous for their appearance on the soundtrack of the blockbuster Columbiana. Its crazy because I had just seen the movie days before, and as I bobbed my head slightly I was met with the strange feeling of dejavou. No, duh Tyson!

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