Abstract Nails: Yay or Nay?

5 years ago

Looking at those converse nails, my other post, I found myself looking at heaps on nail designs and art on the internet and came across these.

I feel so bad that i`m not posting about my own nails instead of just getting images off the internet : I will post my OWN stuff soon.

I love these nails a lot. They are bold and that helps them stand out from the rest. And this design is also clean and simple, just the way I like things. But no way can I do that to my nails...

I think it`s sad that heaps of people out there don`t experiment with there nail polishes. Most people, well at my school, just paint their nails one colour, or get fake french tips- BORING! Hahaha
C`MON PEOPLE get creative and create nail art and designs! :D

Please feel free to comment, rate, add, follow me. I don`t bite :)

Source link: http://thefashionhub.wordpress.com/2011/03/01/nail-design-trends-for-springsummer-2011/

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