OK! How disappointed are we Luuuxies on these new changes? They are absolutely ridiculous!

First off, I had been off Luuux for a couple of months now, because there is something terribly wrong going on with their "system" and how things work. Prior to staying off Luuux for a couple of months I would get on as usual, comment, blog, etc. To my knowledge, I was commenting on real posts that followed the rules and I was even reporting the posts that WERE NOT following the rules. Yet, every day I would log on, Luuux had removed a TON of my points from my account! I mean a BUNCH!

So I was insulted that I was actually reporting the bad posts that weren`t following the rules and the Luuux staff wouldn`t even remove them from the site. I know this because I would see those posts I would report still on the site days later. I`m talking about "five words" kind of posts that I was reporting and they still would not get removed.

I worked on my Luuux a while back, after a while of staying off the site, and again... I only liked and commented on posts that seemed to be following the rules and today I log on to be twice as disappointed! Again, a BUNCH of my Luuux points have been deducted!

Not only that, but OH GOSH, the change they made to the shop! It is such an insult! As I was browsing through the new prices I tried to coax myself in to some calming thoughts, as I knew the fury was going to kick in, but my efforts were in vain!

"Are you kidding me?" I thought to myself! The LV bags used to be approximately 90,000 Luuux (which is not easy at all to get, really) and now they are 321,632 and 451,136 Luuux points, and I`m not even adding the 1,500 they charge for shipping! I`m no expert in math, but what is that, like a 300% increase in price?! Yeah, which means that if you know the way the old Luuux used to work and knowing how hard it was to get 90,000 points... now it`s three times (3x) harder to get to get one "lux item".

Please do not get me wrong for posting this, because I do appreciate the one price I got. Also, I did enjoy being on the site as I do love blog, express myself, and writing!

But it`s not like Luuux just gave me my Ipod touch 16GB from nothing. I was so loyal to this site! I would get on in the early AM to get 100 Luuux points from commenting (as this is all they give you from commenting in 24 hours) and at night blog as much as I could. It took me six (6) months of REALLY hard work to get an Ipod touch 16GB.

I was really looking forward to getting my sister the Enzo Milano straightener or curler, which WERE about 8,000 Luuux plus the 1,500 points for shipping. Now the straighteners and curlers they have are between 30,400 and 60,496 Luuux points, not including 1,500 points for shipping!

After having gotten my Ipod touch 16GB, I was only able to get 6,398 points that I was looking forward to use towards my sister`s straightener or curler. Now, even getting something like that for her seems impossible.

I think it`s really important to mention this: it is very ironic that along with the change to the shop, now you can "purchase" Luuux points! Not only does this change the whole concept to the site and turn it in to an actual store where you have to buy the merchandise (if everyone were to purchase their points), but if you make the math, you are not able to really get any prices anymore just from your effort, you`d be paying for points that equal to the same amount you would pay at a regular store for the items.

For example; the Louis Vuitton PM costs 321,632 plus the 1,500 for shipping comes up to 323,132. So let`s say you buy 12 of the "Gold Packs" for $75.00 that gives you 26,220 Luuux points each. 12 x 75.00 is equal to 900. You minus well go for the full experience of walking in to a LV store and get the bag yourself! We don`t really know where those bags come from, but I saw a video on Youtube where one of the members that got one got a bag with something ripped! I can`t remember if it was the strap, but it was torn.

I think they only raised the prices to pressure people into purchasing their "Luuux points packs"! Because let`s be honest, there`s no way anyone is wasting their time on this site for several years to get a LV out of a TON of effort on the site! The concept is lost, doesn`t add up, doesn`t make sense! You`d have to "purchase" the packs of Luuux points to get anything worth your time, bottom line!

I guess now to try and make the members happy, they are posting on the site that there will be new ways to get Luuux points. One way was that supposedly now they are going to give points for anyone that reports any bad posts. Funny, because when I was reporting all those bad posts I never got a single point. Even moderators have blogged about how they haven`t gotten points from reporting posts not following the rules! Now all of a sudden they want to reward us for that when they really haven`t done it to start with? They are just doing this because they know they`re going to lose the members, then the advertisers, then the site, and finally the whole business. They want us to stay.

Today I noticed on Facebook that they had some sort of a scavenger hunt! It was such a joke to read that people have to go through "the most popular universe" and find a post that was posted within the last two months! A lot of posts are posted in a single day! To top it off the top prize was only 1,000 Luuux. I mean come on, they can do better than that, especially with the high increase in prices.

I personally want to suggest we all do the following, I know I am:

1.) Let`s not delete our accounts. We want to get a prize with the Luuux points we got from so much efforts. We don`t want anything from their new shop, we want something from what the old shop used to be.

2.) Let`s stop logging in and doing any sort of activity on the site, until they bring back everything the way it used to!

3.) If you haven`t yet, blog in the Community Universe on your thoughts about these new changes, so we can make it clear to Luuux that we are NOT happy Luuuxies right now!


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