ABC`s of The Great Depression



By: Marissa Harbach

Arkies or Okies was a nickname for people that once lived in the Dust Bowl, but migrated to states like California.

This picture shows a family packing up all their belongings and leaving The Dust Bowl.

Bank Failures
For many people it took a long time to save up just a small amount of money. Many would put it in the bank. When they wanted to take it out of the bank and the bank didnt have the money to pay them back, it was called a bank failure.

This picture shows people waiting outside a bank to get their money.
Investing in the Stock market was big in the 1920s-30s. On October 29,1929, the Stock Market crashed. This day was nicknamed Black Tuesday, and it was one of the major causes of the Great Deppression.

This picture shows someone trying to sell a car really cheap because they lost all of their money in the Stock Market.
The Great Depression was a time period of when the economy was at its lowest point in Americas history.
Most people did not have a job or any kind of money.

This picture shows just how bad it was. Most Businesses could not provide jobs.
The lack of education during the Great Depression was terrible. Children had to drop out of school to work just so they could eat at night.

This piucture shows children begging so their parents can have a job.

This is when Franklin D. Roosevelt would communicate with the American people through radio. He would assure then that the economy will get better and the depression will soon be over.

This picture shows President Roosevelt speaking to the American public through radio.

Grapes of Wrath
This is a book written by John Steinbeck. It is about a family who lived n the Dust Bowl, but move to California and the problems they have to face to get there.

This is a picture of the book cover. As you can see there is a family in a car leaving in the background.
A Hooverville was a small village with many tents and huts for people live in. They gave them this nickname because they blamed the dpression on Hoover.
This is a picture of what a Hooverville would look like in the 1930s.
If a family had a kid who was 15 or 16. They would tell them to leave and go live on their own. They had to be independent when trying to find a job. This led to riding the rails.

This is a picture of a couple boys getting off a train that they have ridden on.
John J. Raskob
He was a big-time investor in the Stock Market. He wanted every person to invest $15/month towards the Stock market. He claimed this would get them out of the Depression.

This is a picture of John J. Raskob.
Some people were so miserable because they had no money to support their family, tey would kill their starving children or commit suicde.

This is a picture of someone jumping off a building to commit suicide.

Before leaving office Franklin Roosevelt signed Legislation. This was to help fix banks, the country was losing banks rapidly, and improving the Stock Market which still hadnt recovered from the crash.

This is a picture of Franklin Roosevelt signing a document.
During the Great Depression most Americans had close to no money. Yet some Americans had no idea there was even a depression going on.

This is an advertisement advertising a loaning Co.
New deal
The New deal was FDRs plan to help America out of the Depression. He wanted to help all-classes of Americans. He promised this in his inauguration speech in 1932.

This is a picture of FDR about to give his inauguration speech.
Out of Work
After the Stock Market crashed unemployment grew rapidly. There were 1.5 million unemployed in 1929, but by 1932 there was almost 12 million.

This is a picture of someone looking for a job. They dont want the Governments help.
In the 1920s Ag. Property was not worth much, but once the Stock Market crashed in was worth close to nothing. Many people also lost all of there property because they couldnt pay for it.

This is a picture of an abandoned house that no one could live in.
At first the American public was happy about electing Herbert Hoover. They thought he would fulfill his promises. After while they started questioning his leadership and blamed the Great Depression on him.

This is a picture of something a protester would wear during the Great Depression.
Most people did not like Herbert Hoovers decisions when it came to the government. Finally, in 1932, the America elected Franklin D. Roosevelt. They believed in his plan, The New Deal, and that it would get them out of the recession.

This is a picture of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
As a result of the Dust Bowl people scattered. This was the development of Mass Migrations. This is when large amounts of people move into one place at the same time.

This is a picture of a family about to leave out of the dust.
In 1930, Hoover signed the Hawley-Smoot Tariff. This was the largest tariff ever in U.S. history, and it stopped U.S. from vying with other countries. This tariff only made matters worse.

This is a picture of Herbert Hoover.

In 1924, Congress presented WWI veterans with bonus Certificates worth $1,000, but they couldnt cash them until 1945. The depression started, they needed the money then and now, but the government wouldnt give it to them so they protested. This was called the Bonus Army March.
This picture is of the veterans marching in Washington D.C.
As a result of the Great Depression, the value of everything from food to property went down. Just to make a living people were selling produce like potatoes and apples for 3-5 cents a dozen.

This is a picture of a citizen trying to sell some produce.
AS you know people that lived during the great Depression would take anything they could get, even jobs. Wages were the lowest they had ever been in a long time, but a job was a job.

This is a picture of young men looking for a job.
After the mass migrations from the Dust Bowl, Americans did not want any more people to come. This meant more competition for jobs. In California they were offering free rides back to Mexico for Mexicans just for less competition of jobs.

This is a picture of a woman who does not want any more immigrants.
Many families couldnt afford to support a whole family, if they had teenagers they could kick them out of the house and make them live on their own at a very young age. They would often ride the rails in search of a job offer.

This is a picture of a few people riding the rails.
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